Types of base oils
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

1.        Mineral oils

Mineral oils are common oils that human being has been using for long. These oils are obtained of distillation and operation of crude oil, then are mixed with additives and produced mineral oils. These oils are cheap with fair-performance.

2.        Synthetic oils

This oil type is manmade, and according to a complicated chemical process produced in petrochemical plants and is more expensive than mineral oils. These types of oils have higher heat tolerance which means they are capable to preserve their viscosity in long times and higher temperatures than mineral oils. Generally, these oils have specifications as below:

1)      Have positive performance for very long time

2)      Prolong The engine life

3)      Reduce wear on engine parts

4)      Reduce fuel consumption

5)      Reduce air and environment contamination

6)      Optimize  the compatibility with exhaust catalysts convertors ( in new automotives)

3.        Semi-Synthetic oils

Another type of oils is a mix of two other types (60-80% mineral and 20-40% artificial) and the properties which mineral oil does not have alone, are obtained in this way and adding some additives to this base, the oil operational requirements are supplied.

Question: What is the difference between mineral and synthetic oils?

Answer: Mineral base oils (or petroleum) are obtained from Lube cut refining in oil refinery plants and are used in producing the main part of industrial and engine oils. But synthetic oils are products of petrochemical process and have higher viscosity index than mineral oils, and also these oils have higher oxidation resistance compared with mineral oils and consequently, have longer life time than mineral oils. Meantime these oils because of high viscosity index can be used in wider temperature range.