The most important functions of a premium engine oil
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The most important functions of a premium engine oil

1)        Lubricating and reduce friction: The main and most important function of any oil, is to lubricate and reduce friction on moving parts which improve engine efficiency. Formation of oil film with suitable thickness, leads to minimize wear on parts.

2)        Heat transmission: Help to coolant systems and evacuate some part of formed heat due to engine operation.

3)        Corrosion and rust inhibition: Protection metal surfaces against rust and corrosion caused by chemical reactions.

4)        Detergency and Dispersion:  Dispersion of microscopic metallic particles from the wearing of the surfaces and compounds due to fuel consumption and oil degradation and clean surfaces

5)        System Sealing: Help to seal engine, with oil coating between piston ring and cylinder which causes increase in engine efficiency.

6)        Shock Absorption: Decrease in negative effects of moving parts strikes.

7)        Reduce Fuel Consumption: Using oil with suitable grade reduces the time of reaching lubricant to engine components, which this fact has a noticeable influence on reducing fuel consumption.