Thanks God, our honor is commitment and consideration for preserve of all stakeholders’ profits and realization of customers’ rights, staff and stakeholders. Achieve to continues, not temporal presence in domestic and also local and international markets, influenced by intense competitions and excess of supply over demand, relates on two fundamental factors “quality” and “price”. Although other important factors such as environment preserve, durability, safety, customer service, updating and respect customers can not be disregarded.

The quality of a product or service is the exact thing that customer seeks. High qualities surely will influence well on customer mind and is valuable for company.
 Farzan Chemical Industries  has taken considerable steps to establish of quality systems and with cooperation and persistent efforts of management and all staff in direction of compatibility of products with national standards, is the sign of cultural crystallization and belief in quality which this is a movement to achieve economic development goals.

Analysis of the company’s activities shows that based on interaction of management and staff in all parts such as marketing and sales, production, provisions, human resources, financial affairs, quality control and research, planning and other units of company, setting a goal and ways of achievements are appeared gradually in the company’s operation.

In the economic operations cycle of company such as ingredients purchasing, producing and supplying market, the role of customers in distribution of products throughout country and region has vital importance. In fact customer is considered as our trade activities partner and our benefits as producer and customer are related to each other. Our success secret is in customer-orientation, and to develop market share, whilst paying attention to final consumers’ benefits, we require protecting of customer as the connector of company and final consumer.

Management view will be creating of added value, returning domestic market share of oils and lubricants, production based on conventional industry standards, and getting the compulsory certificates, attend to products with higher added value, strengthening domestic controls, spreading of purchase resources, strengthening research and development technology, presence in local and international markets, increasing domestic market share, investment in effective and early return projects, quantity and quality increase of products, final products’ export in order to enhance profitability and continuation increasing of shareholder’s benefits, implementing of developing plans with 2 or 3 years return with the aim of increasing production and supplying new products to increase company’s income and partnership with authentic foreign companies in order to technology transfer.

Farzan Chemical Industries endeavors to provide stakeholder’s benefits via production, supply and trade types of engine oil, industrial and automotive lubricants, oil derivatives and presence in relevant business. Major effective activities in order to achieve above goals will be appeared and influenced according to below items:

1) Introduction and distribution of products in market
2) Expansion and strengthen of agents network throughout the country in order to distribute products
3) Complete use of production and packaging capacities
4) Increasing of present human resources’ performance in order to maximize production and products’ sale
5) Coordination and planning among units of research & development, production & marketing, sale and export, in order to increase resource efficiency
6) Creating of diversity in engine oil production
7) Putting industrial and gear oil to the agents’ products’ basket
8) Leading the export towards exporting of finished product in order to increase profitability
9) Importation (temporary import) of base oil with the aim of increasing available base oil and enhancing production share and allocating some parts of finished products to export markets
10) Connection with the country industries and offering services to them (training of sales service and before sales service) with the aim of developing industrial products market

 The aim of implementation of above program is that the company would be able to offer a high performance to respectful shareholders. For this purpose, it is necessary that all the company units take steps in this orientation coordinative and with effective effort.

Farzan Chemical Industries will pursue defined plans seriously, in order to increase power and continuity of its production and sale.
With the help of Almighty God, and with exploitation of valuable experiences of past years, we will be able to perform our duties well in this year.
Looking at the company’s performance and comparing it with the past, the achievements should be attributed to the efforts made by efficient people who provide activity base for specialists and experts, and joining them to leading teams of company.

This public participation is valuable which cause common delight and commitment, that is the most important factor achieve the company’s goals in this year.
Comprehensive participation of staff for continuity successes and reaching the more tangible and desirable results, is a duty which must be run in the whole company and as an organization culture should be specified and protected.

Staff and cooperators’ eye-catching efforts in all parts to reach prospects and traced mission of the organization are admirable; in fact the satisfaction of stakeholders demonstrates this fact.
We believe that this company considering the knowledge and collective power and experience, and necessary hardware in the country industry market and local market has higher share of products.
We hope that the company with its effective and generative presence in production of industrial and automotive oils in domestic and foreign markets is reliable for all the customers.
We intend to be propounded in the arena of lubrication industry of region with reliance on divine favor and our co-operators power.