Ecco V Liso
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Ecco V Liso

Ecco V Liso
- ISIRI 9186, 11378

Ecco V LISO semi synthetic engine oil is produced of high viscosity index group III base oil and using of the best additives according to Vulcan Petrochem Ltd formulation to use in all seasons and weather conditions.


Suitable for passenger cars such as Citroen Xantia, Tondar 90, Megane, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Mazda 3, Fiat Siena, Hyundai Verna, different types of Samand (Soren, Sarir, LX), Chairman, Dena, Peugeot (405, Pars), MVM (X33, 530, 315) and all of gasoline vehicles designed until 2004 and diesel super charged when the above performance levels with grade SAE 10W40 are recommended by the manufacturer.

Cartons of 24 * 1 liter containers
Cartons of 6 * 4 liters gallons

- Including premium high viscosity index group III base oil for thermal stability increasing and resistance against oxidation
- Excellent anti-oxidation and thermal stability
- Cleaning property in order to decrease of deposits of combustion and oxidation
- Excellent anti-wear property in order to control of engine parts erosion
- Neutralization property of acids due to oxidation and combustion in order to prevent of engine parts corrosion
- Excellent protection of engine under any weather conditions
- Increasing of life time and engine power Excellently
- Easy engine start and quick lubricating excellently in low temperatures
- Excellent shear stability of product to keeping viscosity during consumption
- Excellent capability in elimination of extra heat from engine to protect of parts metallurgical structures
- Excellent control of oil consumption and cost reduction

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